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Best Practices: Quiz Access

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Some students have experienced issues with accessing quizzes in BB9. They have either been kicked out of a quiz during an exam or have received an Access Denied message when trying to enter a quiz. In working with Blackboard and searching the BB admin list serve, the culprits seem to be Force Submissions and auto- saves.

The force submission option is designed to force a student to do the exam in one setting. If for any reason the student clicks off the quiz page and then tries to come back, they will not be allowed to continue the exam. They will receive a Denied Access message.

The second issue, auto-save, is designed to automatically save student answers in the quiz. If you recall previous versions of WebCT, a student could potentially lose all their answers if they did not click save after answering each question. This feature is designed to keep students from losing their answers.  The problem happens when a student clicks submit while the auto-save is taking place.  This will sometimes kick them out and deny them access.

Best Practice: Until a patch is provide, do not use the Force Submission option in the quiz settings. For the auto-save feature, encourage your students to watch for the auto-save and not submit while it is saving questions. To see the auto-save, there will be a save button beside each question, when the auto-save is saving you will see a green check-mark appearing on the save button beside each question. Ask your students to either save each answer as they go or keep an eye for the auto-save.


Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

February 24, 2012 at 11:22 am

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