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One of my students recently shared a website with me called Weebly.  The site allows you to create personal, business, and educational websites. The Portfolio option stimulated my initial interest in the site, but the ease of use is where I saw the real potential for the classroom.

Adding a new item to the page is as simple as clicking and dragging the element to the page. Elements range from text boxes to multimedia files.  With a couple clicks of the mouse an author can embed documents, YouTube videos, photos, audio files, forms, and much more to the page. The site comes complete with a variety of templates to make your site look clean and professional.

The site is free. There is an option for a pro version, but so far I have managed to do everything I need to do on the free version.

The major issue I encountered on the site was the lack of privacy. The author cannot restrict the entire site from the world, although each individual page can be hidden from search engines and/or password protected. Dealing with adult students, this is not a major issue; each can choose the option that is right for them.

The sites ease of use and ability to embed documents makes this a wonder site for student portfolios. Check it out at http://www.weebly.com.


Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

December 11, 2012 at 3:38 pm

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  1. […] favorite idea is the use of Weebly as a student’s portfolio so they can share and conserve the integrity of their work process and final project results. I […]

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