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Grade Center Calculations

Grade Center Calculations

If you are having issues with inconsistencies in your calculated Total Columns in Blackboard Learn you may want to check for hidden columns. If a column is included as a calculated score in a Total column and that column is hidden it will still be calculated.


A column in the gradebook titled Homework 1 has been created and assigned 10 points. Under Option 3 when you are creating/editing the column you tell BB to include this Column in Grade Center Calculations, which means it will be included in the total column for student overall score in the class.

A couple students do the homework assignment and receive a score for the assignment. Later you decide to drop the assignment. You tell the students Homework 1 it is no longer required and hide the column in the gradebook to keep students from thinking they missed something.

Later you notice that the total column has miscalculated a couple of grades. You will need to go back and unhide the Homework 1 assignment. You can then edit the column and tell BB to not make it available in the Grade Center Calculations. Once you have done this you can re-hide the column, but you should notice that the total column has recalculated the grades and not included Homework 1 in the calculation.

If the total is still incorrect, check for additional hidden column that are included in Grade Center Calculations.


Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

June 17, 2013 at 11:33 am

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