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Blackboard 9: Item Analysis

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Blackboard has an often under-utilized feature to help faculty better understand exams at a much deeper level than simple grades. This feature is called Item Analysis. An Item Analysis performs a detailed analysis of quizzes and exams to help you determine if the questions are reliable.

An Item Analysis can be run from the grade center, the instructor tools area, or the from the content deployment site.

Once you are at the place where you see the exam name, right click on the action link and choose Item Analysis from the menu. In the Item Analysis window make sure the selected test appears in the selection box and click run.

The first thing the Item analysis gives you is the test summary, number of questions, average score, average time, discrimination and difficulty level of the question.

The discrimation factor is determined by comparing the the question answer to overall test score. A question is a good discriminator if students who answered the question correctly also scored well on the test.

A question’s difficulty level is determined by the percentage of students that answered the question correctly.

Item Analysis Summary

Item Analysis Summary

In the second section of the results the exam is analyzed by question. The question type, decimation, difficulty level, graded attempts, average score, std dev, and std error results are displayed.

Item Analysis Question Summary

Item Analysis Question Summary

Clicking on the question hyperlink will give a detailed review of that question.

Item Analysis Detailed Question

Item Analysis Detailed Question

Using the Item Analysis tool will help assess your students overall learning experience.


Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

February 17, 2014 at 9:00 am

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