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Using Web Folders to upload Content

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To be able to quickly add multiple files to course content use the Setup Web Folder function of Blackboard.

First log into Blackboard and go to the course content area Control Panel> Content Collection.

You will see your course name at the top left of the screen. You will have the option to upload file, create HTML, or Create Folder. On the right of the screen you will see the Setup Web Folder button.

Click “Setup Web Folder” Button on the right of the screen. The Using Web Folders window will appear. The Current Web Address will be highlighted in yellow. You may want to highlight and copy this address for the next part of the setup.

Content Collection

Content Collection

The following these steps will be provided to create the web folder in Windows 7.

  1. Open Start > Computer.
  2. In the empty area at the bottom of the right-hand pane, right-click and select Add a network location.
  3. The Add Network Location Wizard will open. Click Next.
  4. When asked where you want to create the network location, select Choose a custom network location. Click Next.
  5. When asked for the location of your website, type the current Web Address listed at the top of Using Web Folders. Click Next.
  6. When prompted to enter a username and password, type your Blackboard Learn username and password. Click OK.
  7. You will be prompted to enter a name for the location. Enter a name and select Next.
  8. On the Completing the Add Network Location Wizard page, click Finish.
  9. The web folder will open. It will now be listed in Computer under Network Location.

Once you have completed these steps go to Start> Computer and see your web folder for BridgeValley Online.

You can now click and drag files and folders from your computer into the Web folder. Once you move files into the Web folder they will instantly appear in your course area.

Linking Files to a Blackboard Course

  1. Navigate to the course where you would like to link the file.
  2. Select the area where you will want the link to appear.
  3. From the action bar, select Build Content > Item or File.
  4. Click the Browse Content Collection button and navigate to the desire file.
  5. Click the Radio Button to select one or more files.
  6. Click Submit when finished.



Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

December 8, 2014 at 9:00 am

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