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Personalize your Course List

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Personalize Course List

Personalize Course List

After teaching online for a couple of semesters, faculty may find themselves searching through a long list of coursed to find their most current offerings. Blackboard has devised a solution for the problem, it is called Personalize Course List. With this tool an instructor can arrange their course list by terms and manage the order in which the courses appear.

To access Personalize Course List an instructor needs to log into Blackboard so they can see the Module that contains the course list. In the upper right hand corner of the course list module move your mouse over the area and an icon that looks like a round circle with spike all around will appear. Click on the icon.

Personalize Course List Page

Personalize Course List Page

On the Personalize Course List Page, make sure a check mark appears in the Group by Terms box. All available terms on your system will appear. Moving your mouse over the left side of your term or course listing will make a double headed arrow appear. Click hold and drag the arrow up or down to change the position of the course or term in the list.

If you want the old course to disappear from the list simply un-check the item. Un-checking a term will remove all courses associated with the term from the course list. If you ever need the course to reappear, go back into the personalize course page and recheck the term or course and it will reappear.

After you have completed the arrangement of courses or terms make sure to select the Submit button to activate the changes.


Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

January 12, 2015 at 9:00 am

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