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Tips for Using Streaming Media in an Online Course

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Tips for Using Streaming Media

Tips for Using Streaming Media

Four basic rules to using media in the online class include:

  1. Be clear about your Instructional Goals
  2. Integrate your media with student activities
  3. The media should be easy to identify and locate
  4. Keep media clips short

Using streaming media successfully in an online course depends on its integration in the course and how it applies to student learning. As an instructor your first job is to be clear about your instructional goals and choose media that helps you meet those objectives. Adding media for the sake of media distracts from purpose of the class.

As instructor you will need to integrate your media with student activities. That means you cannot post a video and expect the students to know what they should receive from the media. You must prepare students for viewing the media clip by introducing the clip and explaining its purpose. You should explain what to watch or listen for in the clip. After they have completed the video have them do something with what they have learned in the video such as answer a question or participate in a discussion.

The media should also be easy to identify and locate. You do not want to explain the video and activities in one location and expect the students to hunt for the video elsewhere in the class. It should be an integrated part of the course materials that flows with the structure and sequence of the learning module.

Watching educational videos is not the same as watching a 2 hour blockbuster movie. It is should not be a mind numbing experience, therefore keep media clips short and to the point. Most research suggest that the media should be under 10 minutes in length. You can do this by dividing content into small sections and choosing only the most applicable portions of video/audio for viewing.


Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

May 11, 2015 at 9:00 am

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