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BlackBoard 9.1 SP 14: Date Management Tool

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The Date Management Tool allows the instructor to easily adjust all content and tool dates in your course in one easy location.

To access the Date Management Tool click on the Control Panel> Course Tools section, you can choose to adjust dates automatically or individually.

The first step is to decide if you want the system to automatically adjust the previous or current course item dates to new dates. That can be done Using Course Start Date or Adjusting by Number of Days.

You may also choose to List All Dates for Review, this option will list all the dates without making changes. This is a great tool to use if you only want to change a few dates during the semester.

Date Management

Date Management

Use Course Start Date

Use this option when adjusting for new terms. Adjust dates according to the course start date. The Current Start Date displays the date that the course is currently set to start. Change the new start date to reflect when this new course is going to start. All dates in the course adjust by the number of days each date occurs after the start date.

For example if the original course started September 1 with an assignment due September 26—twenty-five days after the start date. If you adjust the new start date to January 12, the assignment is now due February 6—twenty-five days after the new start date.

Using the Use Term Info options allows the instructor to choose the term associated with the course instead of entering start/end dates.

Adjust by Number of Days

Use this option when you know exactly how many days you want to adjust dates by. Type the number of days you want to adjust all dates in the course by. This is based on the dates that are currently set for each item in the course, not today’s date.

Example: On June 1, you adjust dates by 30 days. The assignment that was set to be due September 1 is now due October 1.

Important: Negative numbers move the dates back. Positive numbers move the dates forward.

Items Supported by Date Management

All items with dates are supported by date management, including:

  • Content, such as items, files, and audio.
  • Assessments, such as tests, surveys, and assignments.
  • Tools, such as discussions, blogs, journals, and announcements.
  • Manual grade columns.
  • Course and organization tasks.



Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

July 13, 2015 at 9:00 am

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