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Active Learning in Blackboard: One Minute Paper

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This active learning exercise allows the instructor to assess a student’s knowledge of a particular topic at a specific point in time. The one minute paper is traditionally done walking into a classroom and asking students to pull out a paper and pen. A question is asked of the entire class. Students are given one minute to write whatever pops into their minds about the topic or question. Sometimes the instructor collects the papers and sometimes not. If collected the instructor can get an understanding of each student’s knowledge on the topic. If it is not collected it will help the student understand their own weaknesses and strengths on the topic.

Blackboard One Minute Paper Activity

To get started go to Control Panel> Course Tools> Test, Surveys, and Pools> Build Pool>

Create Pool

Create Pool

Fill out the form and click submit.

Create Question> Essay> Enter Question Title and Question Text> Submit.

Repeat creating Essay question until you have enough questions to distribute to the course. (For approximate 20 students you should create at least 4 question.)

Once the pool is complete use the quiz tool and create a Assessments> Test> Create a New Test>

Test Information

Test Information

Inside the Test Canvas click Reuse Question> Create Question Set> Select the Pool you just created> from the pool select the question> Click Submit

Select Pool

Select Pool

In this example it shows that we have a total of 4 questions but only 1 question will be displayed. In other words each student will randomly receive one of the four questions and because they were essay questions the student will have plenty of space to write.

When you click Ok, you will be taken to the options window and allow to set time and availability dates. Make sure to set the timer to 1 minute with Auto-Submit turned on.


Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

October 12, 2015 at 9:00 am

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