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Active Learning in Blackboard: Reading Quizzes

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Everyone recognizes the importance of students coming to class prepared in a traditional classroom, it is even more important in an online classroom. In an online classroom students must read. Even if an instructor includes audio/video, the primary method of learning is through reading and comprehending the material that is consumed by the student.

Traditional faculty have given Reading Quizzes to make sure students are keeping up with their readings. The way this is accomplished in the online classroom is basically the same, the student is given a test about the materials.

In Blackboard the test tool is used. Questions are designed from the materials present in the class and give the students clues as to what they should be comprehending from the materials. For instance detailed questions such as exact length or color, will indicate that detail is important. Comprehension questions will test their overall knowledge of the topic. Those questions will ask students to give a larger picture of what they read and understand.

The test tool in blackboard has a number of different question types to accomplish this, they include:

  1. Calculated Formula
  2. Calculated Numeric questions
  3. Either / Or Questions
  4. Essay Questions
  5. File Response Questions
  6. Fill in Multiple Blanks Questions
  7. Fill in the Blank Questions
  8. Hot Spot Questions
  9. Jumbled Sentence Questions
  10. Matching Questions
  11. Multiple Answer
  12. Multiple Choice
  13. Opinion Scale / Likert Questions
  14. Ordering Questions
  15. Quiz Bowl Questions
  16. Short Answer Questions
  17. True / False Questions

Blackboard Reading Quiz Activity

  • To get started go to Control Panel> Course Tools> Test, Surveys, and Pools> Test> Build Test> fill out the test information form and click Submit.
  • Create Questions and choose the type of question you want to create.
Create Questions

Create Questions

  • Fill out the form and click Submit.
  • Once you have included all the questions for the test click OK.

All that is left to do is to deploy the test.

  • Go to the place you want the students to access the test, preferably near the reading materials.
  • Click Assessments> Test> Select the Test> Submit> Fill out the Test Options Form and click Submit.

Your Reading test is now created and deployed to the students.


Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

October 19, 2015 at 9:00 am

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