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Active Learning in Blackboard: Fish Bowl Activities

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For a traditional Fish Bowl Activity students are given index cards, and asked to write down one question concerning the course material. These questions are then put in a fish bowl or box, the instructor will randomly pull out questions and answer or have someone in the class answer them.

This is a great technique to gauge the class knowledge on a topic and clear up any fuzzy points. This techniques is easy to mimic in the online classroom by using discussions.

Blackboard Fish Bowl Activity

Go to the content area in the course where you want the Fish Bowl Activity to appear.

Click Tools> Discussion Board> Create New Forum> Name the forum something appropriate such as Chapter 1 Fish Bowl.

In the description create text to explain the process, see the example listed below:

Ask a question of clarification regarding some aspect of the material which you do not fully understand or question concerning the application of course material to practical contexts. You are submitting the post anonymously so no one including the instructor will know who ask what questions. No points are awarded, this is strictly to clarify any remaining questions on the topic.

Students may participate in the answering of question. Please click rely for any question you wish to answer. This Forum will be monitored by the instructor and any remaining question will be answered by the instructor.

Click Submit> Select the Fish Bowl Activity and select Next> fill out form and click Submit. The Forum will appear in the content area.

Fish Bowl

Fish Bowl

Students can submit questions now as they come up in the class. At the end of the chapter or module, the instructor can respond to all the unanswered question.


Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

October 26, 2015 at 9:00 am

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