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Active Learning in Blackboard: Evaluation of another student’s work

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Peer/Self Review

Peer/Self Review

In a traditional classroom with a Self/Peer review assignments, students are asked to complete an assignment or short paper. On the day the assignment is due, students submit one copy to the instructor to be graded and one copy to a partner. Each student then takes their partner’s work and gives critical feedback.

Using an “Instructor only evaluation” role makes students focus more on the grades instead of the feedback from the assignment.

Self and peer assessment allow teachers to help students understand the mistakes that they have made not just making the grade. This will improve subsequent work and allow students time to digest information and may lead to better understanding.

Students who self-graded their tests do better on later tests. The students could see what they had done wrong and were able correct such errors in later assignments. If implemented correctly, students will come to see tests not as punishments but as useful feedback.

University of Oregon 

Below are several link to help you understand how to use the peer review tool in blackboard. The first one comes from the University of Oregon and writes about the does and don’ts of the evaluation tool.

University of Oregon Libraries – How does the Self and Peer Evaluation tool work in Blackboard?


Purdue University

The following are videos from Purdue showing you how to create assessment, create criteria, and grade self/peer assessments.

Purdue University Videos (Teaching With Technology) – Create a self/peer assessment:


Purdue University Videos (Teaching With Technology) – Creating criteria in self/peer assessment:


Purdue University Videos (Teaching With Technology) – Grading self/peer assessments and sending the grades to the gradebook:


University of Ontario

The University of Ontario video is a good overview of how students use the tool.

University of Ontario – Teaching & Learning Center – Student View:



Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

November 9, 2015 at 9:00 am

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