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Active Learning in Blackboard: Jigsaw Group Projects

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The jigsaw is a group project where members come together and divide the project into smaller pieces a then each member works on the smaller piece. After individuals assemble the small pieces, the group reassembles and lays out the larger image. This method can be used in many different disciplines.

When students are solving puzzles, it strengthen the skills necessary for successful learning. They sharpen their reasoning abilities and logical thought patterns.

Example Jigsaw Activity

One activity a nursing class could use is Diabetes. The instructor would break the class into groups and ask the group to explore Diabetes. The group would meet together and decide on the smaller pieces such as Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments. Each individual would explore his or her topic in depth. When they came together as a group, the group would decide what areas they would focus on in their presentation and work as a team to present the findings to the class.

Blackboard Jigsaw Group Projects

To do this activity in Blackboard you would use the Group Tool. Go to the student menu and select Tools> Groups > Create



Choose the type of group you want to create. In this example, I will be creating a Self-Enroll Single Group. Fill in the Group information and description. Decide on the tools you will make available to the group.


Self Enroll Group

Self Enroll Group

Finally, you will create a Sign-up sheet. You will be ask for the maximum number of users and if members can see the names of others. Once you fill out the form click, submit.

Sign Up Sheet

Sign Up Sheet

From a student view, the student will log into the class and go to Tools> Groups. They will see a list of groups they can Sign Up for and they will choose the Sign Up button.

Student Sign Up

Student Sign Up

Once they click Sign Up, they will see the group space and be able to start on their projects.

Group Workspace

Group Workspace


Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

November 16, 2015 at 9:00 am

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