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Thing to do Daily throughout the Class

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Things to do Daily

How often you check the class is an individual decision, but you should let your students know, up front, how often they can expect to hear from you. Checking in at least once each business day and once over the weekend is a good way to keep in touch and to keep the e-mail and discussion forums from piling too high!

  1. Monitor the Class Discussion Forums
    1. You can check for Discussion Board post from the BridgeValley Online tab and looking in the What’s New module. This process divides the post by course so you will only have to check one place instead of entering each course.
    2. You can opt to have notices sent to your email account by following the steps listed below.
  2. Monitor the class e-mail tool for new messages
    1. You have the option of forwarding a COPY of your class e-mail to your personal e-mail address.
    2. To do this go to BridgeValley Online> What’s New module> Edit Notification Settings> General Setting to choose Individual Messages or Daily Email Digest> Submit
      1. Individual Messages will send a notice each time a student submits.
      2. Daily Email Digest will send one Message a day and include all transactions.
    3. After setting the desired Notification setting you will return to the Edit Notification Settings Screen. From there you can select Individual Courses or do a bulk set for all your courses.
      1. For a bulk set, click on Courses I am teaching
      2. Select all or just the course you want notification from
      3. Make sure email is selected for the items you want notification from and click submit.
  3. Grade Assignments
    1. Students appreciate timely feedback on their assignments…and will let you know if they feel they are waiting too long! How long it will take to grade assignments and send meaningful feedback to students depends, of course, on the nature of the assignment. Students may not be able to proceed in your course until they get your feedback on how they are doing.
      1. As a general rule of thumb, it seems reasonable to expect students to receive their grades, including feedback, within one week of submitting an assignment.
      2. If one anticipates that it will take longer than that to return students’ work, it is best to inform them in advance when their grades and feedback will be available. Doing so will forestall a lot of questions from students and calls to the main office!
      3. It also is best to grade assignments in sequence (i.e., assignment 1, then assignment 2, and so on) so students can apply the feedback from one assignment to the subsequent assignment.
    2. To grade Assignment and Quizzes
      1. Go to Grade Center> Full Grade Center> Click on the Action Link of the Column Title> Select Grade Attempts
    3. To Grade Discussions
      1. Go to the course menu> Tools> Discussion Board> Select the action Link beside the Forum you want to grade> Select Grade> Select Grade.




Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

January 15, 2016 at 9:00 am

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