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Thing to do Weekly throughout the Class

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Weekly To Do

Once a week (preferably on the same day each week) we recommend that you:

  1. Post a note to the class announcements area, telling students what you will be covering in the coming week and reminding them of any due dates.
  2. Update your class schedule with any new or revised due dates
  3. Summarize discussion forum conversations, since it can be hard to bring a close to those discussions and/or point out the important points before moving on to other discussions!
  4. Consider holding online office hours
    1. Giving your students a chance to communicate with you in real-time can help build strong relationships and motivate students to fully engage in the class. Two popular options for conducting live office hours with geographically dispersed students are chat rooms (text-based discussions) and Big Blue Button (web conferencing) sessions. Just let your students know when and how to join your office hours!
    2. To add a Chat Room to BlackBoard,
      1. Go to a Content Page> Select Tools> Chat> Select Chat Session> Office Hours
    3. To use Big Blue Button:
      1. Go to a Content Page> Select Tools> Big Blue Button> Add the Name an description> Submit



Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

January 18, 2016 at 9:00 am

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