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Creating Quality Online Courses: Course Overview

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Creating Quality Online Courses - Course Overview

When you are learning something new sometimes it is hard to know where and how to get started, that is why it is important for instructors to give clear instructions on getting started. Even if students have taken online courses prior to enrolling in yours, each class is different. To get students off to a good start give them an overview of the purpose and structure of the course. Make it clear how to get started and where to find various course components.

It is also important to inform students of your expectations in the class. What do you expect of them in their communication with you and fellow classmate? How should they address you? How should they treat fellow classmates? You are the one setting the tone for the class; if you permit rude behavior then it will happen. Let student’s know your expectations and the consequences of not living up to those expectancies. In addition to your class policies, you need to address institutional policies. That can be as simple as putting a link to the various policies.

Another problem that needs addressing immediately is the classroom. You are not in a traditional classroom. Student know how to operate in a traditional classroom, but are they aware of the technology requirements of the online class. It is your job to make them aware of the minimum technology requirement. If you are using a Learning Management System, make sure you let the students know how to get there, any additional software needed for the class, and any hardware needs such as webcams. In addition, you should provide them with any competencies they need from a technical viewpoint to pre-requisite courses they should have completed.

In a traditional classroom, day one usually involves you introducing yourself to the class and them introducing themselves to you and the class. Learners should be ask to introduce themselves to the class using something like the discussion board. The instructor should also introduce themselves to the class. This can be in the form of discussion board or video.


Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

March 7, 2016 at 9:00 am

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