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Creating Quality Online Courses: Accessibility & Usability

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Accessibility & Usability

Accessibility and Usability means ensuring a quality learning experience for all learners. When talking accessibility it mean those with disabilities can view the content. When we talk about Usability, it means all individuals regardless of their abilities or disabilities, has the ability to navigate the course.


One function used to help with images is the alternative text functions. It serves to:

  • allows screen readers to read alternate text, on things like images
  • it displays text in place of the image in browsers where the user has chosen not to view images because of visual problems or bandwidth issues
  • finally it provides a meaning and description to images which can be read by search engines

Other important accessibility functions to include in your online course is:

  • Transcripts or Caption for all Audio and video files
  • PDFs that have been saved as searchable text and not images
  • Descriptive text, or alt text in when using tables in a document


Usability Means the Ability to Navigate

  • Course navigation must be intuitive and simple
  • The course provides alternative means of access to course materials in formats that meet the needs of diverse learners
  • the course should be free of irrelevant graphics, borders, etc.,
  • files should be saved in accessible formats
  • font choices and colors should be consistent
  • aclean look without excessive decoration is easier to download and use
  • avoid flashy colors, ornamental clip art, and video for its own sake
  • keep your structureparallel so students can get in a routine
  • grouprelated items together and present them in a chronological sequence
  • do not send students to three different areas to get their lectures, assignments, quizzes and web links, just keep it simple
  • make sure the content is readability
  • all multimedia must be easy to use and information provided about the accessibility of all technologies required in the course




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