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Blackboard 9 Grade Center Series: Full Grade Center

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Accessing the Grade Center

The Grade Center is accessed from the Control Panel in any Blackboard course.

Control Panel> Grade Center> Full Grade Center

Full Grade Center

Full Grade Center

  1. Action Bar
  2. Course Roster
  3. Column Menu
  4. Icon Legend
  5. Edit Rows Displayed
  6. Sort
  7. Filter
  8. Work Offline

The Grade Center will be set up with the default columns of Last Name, First Name, User Name, Student ID, Last Access, Availability, Total, and Weighted Total. As you add assignment in the course content, the various tools such as Quizzes, Assignments, and Discussions will automatically create additional columns in the Grade Center.

Depending on the options you choose as you use the various tools determines how they work in the Grade Center. For instance, if you create an assignment using the Assignment Tool and choose to include the column in the Grade Center Calculations, the column will be added to the Total Column. If you select No to not include it in the assignment in the Total Column, the grade for that assignment will not be totaled in the overall grade points. We will get more into that when we reach creating columns.

Action Bar

Action Bar

Action Bar

The action bar is used to manage your grade center. From the action bar you can create columns, manage the available columns, and create reports. These features will be covered in greater detail in future post.

Course Roster



The course roster is made of user information. It contains names of your students and other relevant information such as last access and usernames. The square box to the left of the first column is the select box. Clicking this box will select all users in the roster. The round circle with a downward pointing arrow to the right of each column header is called the action button. When click the action button will reveal a contextual menu.

Column Menu

Column Menu

Column Menu




The column menu is a horizontal list all the available grade columns in your grade book. The name (header) of each column is displayed. By default, the names of the columns are displayed by creation date, but as we will learn in future posting the order of these columns can be modified. Often there will be to many columns to display on one page so the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the columns can be used to navigate the columns. Some or all of the default user columns may be locked to help you keep the users and grades associated. This feature can be modified.

The round circle with a downward pointing arrow to the right of each column header is called the action button. This button reveal the contextual menu. The contextual menu displays various information about each individual column and allows you to perform various functions to each column. Those function can include viewing column stats, grading student attempts, editing column information and many more.






Icon Legend


Icon LegendThe grade book contains a number of icons to represent various task, such as needs grading and in progress. The Icon Legend displays a list of symbols used in the grade center to keep you up to date on student performance and instructor task.





Edit Rows Displayed

Edit Row

The Edit Rows Displayed button allows you to see the number of students displayed on each page of the gradebook. Rows displayed can range from 5 to 50.


The grade center columns can be sorted on any column by simply clicking on any column header. In this case the Grade Center is sorted by Last name from A to Z.  Clicking on the header a second time reverses the sort to Z through A.

Name Sort

Additional sorting options are available at the top right of the grade center. The sort feature allows you to sort and layout the column information in various ways.


Columns can also be sorted by Layout Position, Categories, Due Date, Date Created, Points Possible, and Display name in both Ascending and Descending order.




The filter allows you to filter or show only certain columns without deleting the unwanted columns.

Work Offline

Work Offline

The work offline button permits you to download the grade center into an excel spreadsheet. We will go more into this feature later.


Written by Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

May 23, 2016 at 9:00 am

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